When I was five I tried to hitchhike from the top of my street to my house a couple hundred feet away. My mom laughed when she saw me holding a sign that had a scribbled version of the house we lived in on it. She said I was lucky. She was on her way to the grocery store. She told me I could have been abducted. I thought she was talking about aliens. Ever since that day I have developed an obsessive relationship with grey men. Now a couple years later it has evolved to include imaginary friends and other mythological and cryptozoological creatures.

       Cryptozoology is the study of hidden animals and I think I want to study that when I get old enough. For now I just ponder potential werewolf sighting spots and yeti hideouts under the covers, whispering out the hopes I have to my bed posts at night. I’d like to have a nice chart or diagram someday.

       I think humans are animals hiding from each other. I imagine Bigfoot would be a lot easier to communicate with than some of the people on the sidewalks. Like say there’s a nice little Jack Russell Terrier four-steppin’ by you, most everyone I know will stop and pet it and smile, but when there’s a human two-steppin’ towards us we all look at the ground like we’re playing hide and seek, but we’re not allowed to seek.

       I’d like to stand up in school and say more than ‘Hi, I’m Sonya, 16 Years Old, Amateur Cryptozoologist, Please treat me like an expendable robot.’ Maybe I’m analyzing my own deficiencies and social anxieties and pinning them on society as some frankensteined whole. Maybe I’m just a jerk. I think that’s what brain-shrinks are for. To tell you to keep quiet in front of other people.

      I want to seek.

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